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Massage Technique

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  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Half Hour & Hour Sessions
  • Hot Stone
  • Bamboo
  • Infant
  • C.R.T.   (Cranial Release Technique)
  • Infrared Light Therapy
  • Facials
Breakdown of our Services

Infant Massage:

Baby Massage / Infant Massage: 

We are happy to massage your baby if you do not feel comfortable doing so even after you have learned with us. You can even schedule an appointment at the same time your Baby is receiving their massage and you both can relax!

We can teach you how to Massage your baby or we can provide the baby massage for your baby.
You will love to give this gift of massage to your child or as a gift for a baby Shower.
See how your Baby loves to receive Baby massage!
Whether it is held in your home or our Wellness Center your child will experience all the wonderful benefits of receiving nurturing
therapeutic touch from you or our trained, licenced therapists.
Why Infant Massage?

Infant massage is extremely beneficial to infants for several reasons:
Research shows that massage nurtures babies' psychological, physiological, and developmental growth.
Infant massage can help foster healthy self-esteem and increase bonding between parents and their babies.
After your infant is brought home sometimes it is hard to spend quality, nurturing, time with your child due to all the changes and exhaustion that comes with being a new parent. Massage can allow you to spend some dedicated one-on-one time with your infant that will allow you to express all those feelings of love and affection. 
Massage may not turn your infant into a young Einstein
or help her become emotionally balanced adult, but it will help her slow down, relax, and pay attention to the world around her, which, in turn, will help her learn. Not a bad deal for something that feels so good!

Some Other Benefits of Baby Massage:

Reduces spasms in the colon
Expels stuck gas
Regulates and stimulates digestion
Encourages and increases endorphin output to naturally reduce pain
Decreases stress and the related hormones that accompany it
Reduces colic
Relaxes and calms
Aids in sleep
Encourages Playfulness
Increases Body Awarenes
Learn Infant / Baby Massage:

45 -60 minute instruction for up to two caregivers plus baby
Bring a small blanket and 2 towels
Be sure baby is pleasantly fed but not stuffed
This is appropriate for babies 2 months or older
Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed
Hot Stone Therapy: 

Hot Stone Massage 

We impart heat onto the body by laying stones under the client with a layer of fabric between the client and stone (a sheet or towel) and/or on top of the client, again upon a towel.
Stone layout typically will be along both sides of the spine and baseball sized stones would be placed in the hands.
While these layout stones are delivering concentrated centers of heat
the therapist is simultaneously massaging the client with oiled, heated stones held in the palm of the hand with firm strokes along the muscles of the legs, arms, and torso areas.
Bio Mat Infrared Technology:

Helps with circulation and with stress

Cranial Release Technology:
What is Cranial Release Technique? 

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a natural, hands-on approach to releasing the body's inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself.
CRT can be applied in only minutes, yet it has profound effects on overall health and well-being.
Cranial Release Technique works to restore proper function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure.
Thus, it has positive effects on conditions ranging from aches and pains to overall health and wellness.
CRT makes a wonderful addition to anyone's health care regimen.
What is Cranial-Based Healthcare? 

Modern day researchers using sophisticated and very sensitive instruments have now proven that this movement of the bones of the head indeed does exist. Other studies have shown that the position of the bones can be changed using hands-on techniques. About 100 years ago an American physician, Dr. William G. Sutherland, discovered that the 22 bones of the head move. Dr. Sutherland's subsequent research revealed that:

The bones of the head (cranium) move in a rhythmic pattern throughout life.
This movement of the bones of the head is responsible for the proper function of the nervous system and for optimum health.
When the skull is distorted and this movement is disturbed, overall health and well-being suffers and pain or illness result.
Proper movement of the cranial bones can be restored using hands-on methods and a return to good health follows.
Cranial Methods:

Since its inception in the 1900's many different schools of cranial techniques have been developed. These methods all had several things in common:

The bones of the skull were corrected one at a time, individually.
The work could be very time consuming. Sessions many times lasting 45 minutes or more.
In some schools the skull was treated as a separate part of the body with no mention made of the effect of the cranium on overall body physiology.
How is Cranial Release Technique different? 

Cranial Release Technique arose out of a new school of thought. CRT considers the cranium, and all of the many tissues affected by the cranium and nervous system, in our corrective approach. The CRT approach differs in that:

The entire cranium is Released or restored to normal function with one process.
This Release of the bones of the skull initiates a release of all of the tissues and structures associated with the cranium.
These include:

The spine and pelvis. The extremities- shoulders, hips, knees, etc. The Dura Mater which is the protective covering over the brain and spinal cord. The Fascia, a connective tissue envelope which runs head to toe, front to back, side to side and surrounds every organ, muscle and vessel in the body. The cerebrospinal fluid flow which is vital to the health and proper function of the nervous system. 
The Global Release provided by the Cranial Release Technique has very far reaching positive effects on overall body function.
This is due to the extent of tissues and structures involved. 
This overall Release of cranial and body structure can be accomplished in just minutes using the targeted CRT approach.
Can CRT Help me? 

Many people, with a wide variety of health problems, have been helped using Cranial Release Technique.
As the body is returned to optimum function it becomes possible for true healing and repair to begin. Often times, even chronic problems have responded well to the CRT approach after more conventional methods have failed. 
Cranial Release Technique practitioners consider themselves to be facilitators of Releasing the bodys own inborn capacity to heal and be well.
Once this goal has been achieved you are in the best position possible for relief & healing to occur. 
Please consult your local CRT practitioner for more detailed information regarding your particular health concerns.
What About Wellness Care? 

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the Cranial Release program is its ability to restore and enhance wellness.
We live in stressful times. Many articles have appeared in major publications over the past years detailing the negative effects of the stress of modern day life and todays fast paced lifestyles. 
This chronic stress presents a host of challenges to the normal function of the body.
The nervous system goes into overdrive and harmful chemicals produced in response to the stress are produced by the body. Over time this stress state can be very damaging, not only to physical, but to mental health as well.
Initial investigation:

Initial investigation into Cranial Release Technique and its effect on Heart Rate Variability (medically recognized as an indicator of stress) have indicated that CRT has a positive effect on reversing this abnormal stress state. This investigation reflects the positive effects often reported by CRT patients/clients. Many people report feeling much more relaxed and at ease following a CRT session. A sense of balance and more peace is noticed as they go through the day.
At any given point in time, your body is either in a mode of protection and survival or a mode of healing and regeneration.
CRT can help to facilitate a return to healing, repair and regeneration making it an ideal part of your overall wellness program.
What Type of Massage Is Right for Me?

Massage helps chronic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, low immunity, depression, and more.
A therapeutic massage also relieves pain and swelling, and it releases serotonin and endorphins that combat stress. It can also boost the immune system by increasing white blood cells and natural killer T cellsimmune cells that attack viruses and other foreign pathogens.
There are many types to choose from, starting with Swedish massage, which is the most widely used method today.
Also commonly practiced are techniques from the Far East as well as contemporary approaches. Sports massage, for example, concentrates on the toll athletic activities can take on the body, while deep tissue massage focuses on problem areas and delivers pressure deep within muscles to relieve chronic pain. Using techniques like kneading, shaking, rocking, gliding, and friction, pressure is applied to specific points believed to stimulate the body's energy flow.
The same can be found in Japanese massage, where pressure points are held with a light touch. This releases energy blockages to restore the internal flow of energy throughout the body.